Life Documents Planning Package (Mississippi)

The Legal Life Documents Personal Planning Package contains essential life documents, information on how to organize life documents and other products. The documents in this package are State Specific.

This package contains the following forms:

1. Last Will
2. General Durable Power of Attorney
3. Advance Health Care Directive
4. Estate Planning Questionnaire and Worksheets
5. Personal Planning Information and Document Inventory Worksheets
Bonus financial forms!

1. Last Will - Complete this form to detail in writing your wishes regarding who is to receive your property at death and who will administer your estate. It also enables you to appoint trustees or guardians, if applicable.

2. General Durable Power of Attorney - This General Durable Power of Attorney for Property and Finances Effective upon Disability form is a general, durable power of attorney which is effective ONLY upon the principal's disability, incompetency or incapacity. The powers granted to an Agent in this Power of Attorney are very broad. This Power of Attorney does NOT provide for health care services.

3. Advanced Health Care Directive - This is a statutory form, that is, a form provided for in the Mississippi Code. This form allows you to give instructions about your own health care and an opportunity to name someone else to make health-care decisions for you.

4. Estate Planning Questionnaire and Worksheets - This Estate Planning Questionnaire and Worksheet is for completing information relevant to an estate. It contains questions for personal and financial information. You may use this form for client interviews. It is also ideal for a person to complete to view their overall financial situation for estate planning purposes.

5. Personal Planning Information and Document Inventory Worksheets - This form enables you to document matters relevant to your life and personal planning such as the location of your important legal documents, relatives names, contact information, medical information, financial asset inventory and more. (more...)

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